Wednesday, August 31, 2011


NEW SOLSTICE SCENTS CONTEST! This contest is open to all Bloggers and YouTubers. Please read all instructions carefully.


1. Purchase any item(s) in the 2011 Solstice Scents Autumn Collection.

2. Write a blog or create a video on your YouTube channel reviewing the item(s) you have purchased. The blog has no word count requirement and there is no time requirement on the YouTube video. We are simply looking for quality content and unique opinions regarding your Autumn Collection purchase!

We are looking for your honest opinions. We do not participate in sponsoring Bloggers or YouTube channels for the purposes or inflated glowing reviews in exchange for free product. Our goal is to make certain all content on the web about Solstice Scents is genuine and heartfelt.

While not required, at least one photo of your purchase (can be the products themselves, the opening of your box, the open products, etc) in a blog would be greatly appreciated. You may also use any of the photos on our site for the purpose of your review, if you wish.

3. You must include a link to somewhere in your blog post or video (or in the downbar or sidebar).

4. EMAIL A LINK to your blog or video to be counted as an entry to If you wish to promote your blog or Youtube channel on our Facebook wall, your are welcome to post a link with your Solstice Scents blog or video review on our Facebook wall.

5. Contest ends on SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2011. We want to make sure our International customers will receive their packages in time to enter, if they choose to do so.


Rather than having one prize for an unlimited amount of entrants, we want to sweeten the odds by offering a prize for every 10 entrants! We want to encourage entries with a 1 in 10 chance that you could win. The prize is a $20 gift certificate that may be used toward any Solstice Scents goodies. There is no expiration date for your certificate.

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