Friday, September 30, 2011

Solstice Scents Forum & A Contest (Ends 10/7)

For those of you who receive the Newsletter or follow our Facebook or Twitter accounts, this is a bit of old news but I realized I didn't post a blog about it yet.

The Solstice Scents forum has been open for a few days and now has its first 100 members!  You may view it by going to our website at and clicking the FORUM button, underneath our product menu on the left.  It is also its own unique domain at

If you'd like a chance to win a $20 gift certificate for Solstice Scents goodies, read below (contest ends 10/7):

The SS Welcome Contest is the first contest available on the SS Forums. This contest is open to Members Only. Please read directions below carefully if you'd like to participate.


1. Join the Solstice Scents Forum

2. Post a Thread in the SS Welcome Contest Forum. Enter that forum by CLICKING HERE or find it by going to the Main Index (Click Home) and locate the forum called SS Welcome Contest which is positioned under the Solstice Scents Contests category. To post a thread, click the NEW TOPIC button located toward the top left. Your may title your thread however you wish. Your thread must contain the following to be eligible:

  • How did you first discover Solstice Scents?
  • For NEW Customers who have not yet purchased from us: Which product and/or scent do you find most intriguing in our shop?
  • For CURRENT Customers who have already purchased from us: Which product and/or scent is your current favorite in our shop?

3. Make a POST or THREAD anywhere else on the Solstice Scents Forum. It can be a post reviewing one of the scents listed in the SS Scent Reviews & Reference Forum, a new thread in any of the other forums, a post responding to a current thread posted by us or another member - anything is fair game so long as you post somewhere else in the forum aside from your contest entry thread. Only one post or thread is necessary to be eligible!


Entries will be counted in the order in which they are received. This forum will have all threads sorted by the very first entry to the very last entry so we can keep track. If there are 20 entries, we will input 1-20 at and whichever number comes up will indicate the winner. The winner will be announced in a thread the day after the contest ends in the SS Welcome Contest Forum.



The winner will receive a $20 GIFT CERTIFICATE good toward any products in our shop! Gift Certificate code will be emailed to you. To use the code, you will add your selected items to cart. Then you will go to your cart. There is a box directly underneath your products that says APPLY COUPON. Enter your coupon code and click Go! The discount will automatically be credited towards your purchase.

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