Wednesday, March 16, 2011


For those of you who don't know, we are moving from ETSY to our own site, We are in the final stretch of finishing up. I just posted this relatively mundane yet informative update on Facebook for those of you who have been following there (to follow, go to:
Just need to set up shipping for International customers, list a few more spring items and tweak a few super small details. I am also trying to schedule an open date around my other job but am thinking it will be by Monday or before but will keep posting here as we get closer.
Domestic shipping is done. We had a lot of trial and error since ONE bath salt to our shipping zone is about $5.35 but to the west coast it costs $10.20! If something weighs 1.1 lb from us to CA, WA, OR and a few other west coast states, it will cost $10.20 so you m...ay decide to only place an order if you have a few things you want to buy and not for just one bath salt ($20 for one 8 oz. bath salt is totally ridiculous but these are USPS rates, NOT something we're making up).
Most people don't realize that different shipping zones have different costs and can be dramatic differences (as in the example above). The whole time we were open on ETSY we shipped salts and scrubs for $4.95 yet to west coast it would cost us almsot $9.00 so I would lose money there. We had to make a change, especially since USPS increased their rates. So we created some custom shipping profiles so you'll have several shipping options at checkout that for the most part will be accurate. Flat rate is enabled when it makes sense by weight but a cheaper option will show if there is one. Anything over 1.1 lb will ship $10.50 to most of the west coast, up to 15 items in a box before it's bumped to large flat rate (and if you have more than 15 items that fit in a med flat rate, we'll refund the excess charge for the large flat rate). This way if you have 2 bath salts or a bath salt and a whipped soap or 15 items, it would be $10.50 instead of going priority at $13+, which is the cost from USPS by weight. Most people in the mid-west and def east coast will have cheaper options for the one or two salts or a salt and a whipped soap example given above. Off to bed. Will keep you posted!


  1. I've been wondering when you were going to finally open it up! I had directed some people I know to come see your shop but it's been closed down for awhile. Good to know you'll soon be back up and running :)

  2. Thanks for sending your friends over Tara! That is always a great compliment. :) We're excited to finally open.

  3. I can't wait to see it when everything is finished!

  4. Can't wait to see your new site!
    P.S. Had a bit of trouble reading the text under the link you posted. For some reason it got smaller and bold. o.o