Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Valentine's Collection will be released tonight 2/1 at 8:00 EST. Fragrances and products in which they are available are indicated in the blog post below.

We're also having an inventory reduction sale. I made more Winter products than I think were actually necessary and need to make shelf space, so my miscalculation is your gain! Fall items (except Jack & The Devil which is a limited release perfume that may make it to general catalog) are also reduced. Discontinued perfumes from general catalog are now only $3.50.

All Fall and Winter Perfumes now $5.00/ea for 10mL Roll ons.

All Winter Ganaches are now only $5.00/ea for 4 oz. jar.

Winter Glaces now only $9.00

Funhouse, Prickly Pear & Pomegranate and Green Apple Perfumes now only $3.50

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  1. Aw crud, it seems I missed it all out and now your etsy store is out for the count and the website not up. will the sale continue when they return?