Thursday, November 4, 2010


We are shooting for tomorrow (Friday) night but still have a few loose ends to tie up. It may end up being on Saturday but I will update everyone here, facebook and my ETSY shop announcement. My partner's Dad had surgery and he has been with him each day since it was performed. We are working around that and are very close to being finished. I wanted to give you all a list of which scents will be offered in which products. Descriptions for these scents are in THIS BLOG

BAYBERRY: Bar soap, perfume, Ganache



ROASTED CHESTNUTS & MARSHMALLOW: Perfume, Whipped Soap, Ganache, Glace (limited quantity, more will be listed Monday - See below as to why)
SPIKED NOG & NUTMEG: Perfume, Whipped Soap, Ganache, Turbinado scrub (limited quantity). Glace will be listed Monday. The reason for this is that I ended up running out of oils and had to order more. They were scheduled to be delivered tomorrow and I just checked the tracking...reschedule for Monday. I don't want to hold up the release for this. This is also the reason that there are a limited amount of the scrubs but I will make more next week).
SPICED CRANBERRY & SPRUCE: Whipped Soap and Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Baths. (I was going to make this into a leave-on product but was not happy with the dry down or the staying power.)
GINGERBREAD & SWEET VANILLA CREAM: Bar soap, perfume, ganache, glace
CEDAR & SIBERIAN FIR: Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Bath
GINGERDEAD MAN: Perfume only.

KRAMPUS: Bar soap only.

SWEET SNOW: Bar soap only (there was hardly any staying power on this one so despite my utter disappointment, there will be no leave on products of this scent)
WINTER GIFT SET (limited quantities): I will start out by listing 10 of these and will have enough product for 8 more near the end of next week. The winter gift sets will include: 2 oz. Spiked Nog & Nutmeg Glace, Roasted Chestnuts & Marshmallow Whipped soap 4 oz., Gingerbread & Sweet Vanilla Cream Perfume, Rice Pudding & Rum Soaked Raisins Perfume, Spiked Nog & Nutmeg Ganache, Spiked Nog & Nutmeg perfume, Gingerbread Man soap scented in Gingerbread & Sweet Vanilla Cream (the gingerbread man is exclusive to the gift sets),and an "Old England" Egg Nog Votive candle handcrafted by White Magick Alchemy. My supplier quit carrying the gift set bag that I have been using so unfortunately I had to order a slighly different bag that most of the items will be packaged in.


Please try not to place multiple orders as I cannot guarantee I will be able to combine all items in one order for you. I will refund shipping overages as usual for excess charges of $1 or more. I will list ALL of the stock I have (while reserving a few of each item for my International orders). Once a product sells out, I will be making more. I will be carrying all of these products through the New Year so no worries that this release is it. It is simply what I can produce and ship quickly with another full time job at this moment and I thank you all for your understanding and for your business!! I will NOT be accepting reserved listings this weekend unless you are an International customer. It will be easier for me to keep track of my inventory this way and will keep things running smoothly over here.


  1. I already have my "Yule" Solstice Scents order in mind. :p Payday can't get here soon enough.... D: