Thursday, October 14, 2010

UPDATES - Jack & The Devil, Brief Shop Closing, Website

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I am completely sold out of Jack & The Devil. I had planned on making another batch since it was so popular and I think some people missed out. But I am having supplier woes: The supplier I was using is completely out of Vanilla Absolute and can give me NO ETA on when they might have it again. I have looked elsewhere and the 2 places I found it have been $30 - $50 MORE for just a little 1/2 size. I'm not sure if I will be able to do J&TD again afterall. I would have to charge more for it and it is already $12. I may have to wait until next fall or even do a random release of it in Spring.

BRIEF CLOSING & WEBSITE UPDATE: Solstice Scents will be closed from TOMORROW (Friday 10/15) at 3 p.m. until Weds evening of this coming week (10/20) so that we can crank out some Yule products and continue working on the website. There is A LOT of work on that front. I really want to do the Yule release on the new website but am not sure if we will be able to finish in time. We are really trying though! We are seriously looking at a full transition from ETSY to We love ETSY but we're struggling with the fees at this point. Aside from that, we will have a lot more control and additional features not available to us on ETSY. Coupon Codes will afford us the ability to offer gift certificates and possibly sales/discounts too. Will you join us for a transition? :)

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  1. I join in the fun, good luck with the positive changes. I to am thinking of doing a selling blog and leaving Etsy.....listing fees are crazy.

  2. I'll be sure to keep updated. I received my order last week and I've been using my cocoa mallow ganache and it's AMAZING!! It's not greasy and moisturizes so well. I love the enchanted forest soap too.
    I hope you keep making the cocoa mallow, I'll be so sad when I use my jar up!

  3. Angela,
    I will follow my new peddler of perfumery all over the web :)

    Have a grand day,

  4. I will defefinitely follow you wherever you choose to go!! I adore your products! I hate to see Jack & the Devil go but I can understand why. It is absoultely amazing though and one of my favorites! Etsy fees are a bummer...I always dream..."The Etsy Bill", lol! Can't wait to see what is up your sleeve for yule!!!!

  5. Thank you for the comments, everyone! Skulda, I am so glad you like the Cocoa Mallow. That one is definitely not going anywhere (unless I end up with some kind of supplier issue for one of the scents in that blend, but I hope that doesn't happen)

  6. I loved Jack and the Devil in the sample I got. I was really hoping to order more. I would pay more for it if I had to in order to get a full size.

  7. I second what Deanna said. We have found you, and we will follow you wherever you go. :)

    I love my Harvest Moon soooo much. I wear it when I work at the library, and I get several comments every shift. Or people often say, 'What is that wonderful smell? Is that maple syrup? Where is that coming from?' My co-worker starts chuckling, and I say, 'Actually, that's me.' And I produce the bottle from my pocket, write 'Solstice Scents' on a sticky note for them, and send them along. I might have to start xeroxing your business card.

  8. My co-worker has Jack and the Devil and it smells Sooooo good on her, I was excited to order some... please please please, is there anyway you can make another batch? Thank you!

  9. Really love Jack and Devil, will be sorry if you aren't able to bring it back, but totally understand if you can't. I'll just have to try some of your others! Looking forward to your holiday offerings!

  10. I was wondering if you have sea foam scent? I'm looking for scrub and spray

  11. I don't have a fragrance called sea foam, Nitrous, but I do have a Salty Mariner perfume.