Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sassafras & Licorice

At the moment I am working on a Sassafras and Licorice Creme de la Creme whipped soap that will be available in the shop in 8 oz. size by this evening or tomorrow. It smells primarily of totally realistic root beer scent with a few drops of Anise Essential oil which smells of black licorice. It is just a little kick to add scent depth to the sassafras side of things, but it is not a strong licorice scent like my Warlock soap.

In other news, Funhouse Body Butter and Cocoa Mallow Body Butter will be available by this weekend, for those of you that have expressed interest in those two! The perfumes for those will be back in stock next week as I am waiting on my glass roll-ons to arrive.

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