Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What things may come...

Many of the projects that I have threatened to work on have been put on the back-burner, many have come to fruition. Below is a list of things I will continue to threaten to do, and fully intend to offer as soon as possible, available in a variety of applications unless otherwise noted (Perfume, Burnishing Glace, Body Ganache, etc.).

These two have only been mentioned since last November (haha)

WAIL OF THE BANSHEE - Sea mist, ozone, earth and bogs. This is going to be an earthy aquatic.

DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE - Palmarosa, rose geranium, Vetiver, few drops of patchouli, etc - Earthy Floral. This was supposed to be released for V-Day but it never came together.

And a refresher on those threatened only 3 months ago:

INQUISITOR is still being's one for the incense/resin/dark scent folks. Frankincense, beeswax absolute, burning wood pyre, styrax, cistus, myrrh, leather binding straps. Majority is EOs and a tiny bit of synthetics

CRYPT OF THE WIZARD is very woody and green (from the oakmoss absolute) and a bit earthy...super dark and mossy/cedar/dank and a little cavey. The main notes are aged virginia cedarwood, amyris, oakmoss absolute and a little cistus. The other notes that are not as readily detectable but contribute to the overall blend are rosewood, allspice, sandalwood, katrafay, vetiver, peru balsam, petitgrain and spruce. This is not a sweet blend at all. Extremely earthy, green, deep.

All of these threats are in various stages, however, not just empty concepts and dreams with no hope of coming to fruition.

One I have not mentioned before on the forums (out of guilt for mentioning the above without releasing them yet):

TENEBROUS MYST - Storm churned waters, Burning Firewood, Amber, Bay Rum Essential oil and more. This is a dangerous and ominous aquatic. It will be first offered in Glace form.

I might as well mention that one guilt-free because it is almost ready. Will of course keep everyone posted on the progress and release dates. Some of these (Crypt of the Wizard and Inquisitor, namely) will only be available in perfume due to the high cost of some of the precious oils and absolutes.

Another new fragrance that will be released in the next week as a perfume and shortly thereafter as a body butter, Sugar Scrub and Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Bath is AMBER ROSE. This is a glorious combo of amber with a non-cloying amount of rose fragrance and a few drops of rose absolute. I'm extremely happy with this one and I am not a rose fan, or much of a floral fan for that matter. I do appreciate them, but typically am not drawn to them as a personal fragrance. This one, however, is divine.

I have plenty more things I am working on. My brain operates in a "That is a nice concept. What would it smell like?" mode CONSTANTLY. I cannot turn it off. My main fragrance passions are incense, resins, woods and exotic dark scents. I have not forgotten my foodie, floral and aquatic lovers though!

In production currently are both COCOA MALLOW and FUNHOUSE Body Butters to supplement the already available Perfume and Glaces. Those will be released VERY soon! BLACK LEATHER, RED LACE Body Butter and Glace is not far behind!

Stay tuned for another post which will cover Ostara and St. Patrick's offerings!


  1. Yea!! Now I can follow you on here too and here about all your new creations!!!!

  2. Hooray for a blog! Will Cocoa Mallow be available in a scrub?

  3. Eventually it will be available in the new scrub recipe (still scrubby, just easier to handle) and I'd like to get it in the Sugared Amber Whipped Sugar Scrub as well!

  4. Ooh, Sugared Amber Cocoa Mallow scrub - drool!