Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pharaoh On The Rise

is new to the shop and is currently offered in Burnishing Glace format. Perfume will be available next week. I am going to test this one in a body butter, but I'm not certain if it will be accepted in my cocoa butter. It is also a rather thick oil so some experimenting will need to happen before I can confirm if it is successful enough to offer in that format. The description of Pharaoh is as follows:

PHARAOH is a fragrance comprised primarily of the long established popular and neutral scent of Egyptian Musk spiked with just a *few* drops of Frankincense Essential Oil and a splash of honey far in the background. It is a beautiful very soft fragrance that is perfect for wearing when you're looking for something understated and muted but would like to smell clean. This is a low-key scent that can be used alone or in conjunction with compatible fragrances. It is a truly wonderful unisex fragrance. Slight tinge of the exotic, clean, fresh, mild, natural and just the SLIGHTEST hint of a floral in there. The frankincense is very soft and detectable solely upon application. After that, it takes a back seat and really is more of a note adding depth rather than one standing as identifiable. The honey is a very mild natural honey that is not readily detectable, also adds to the blend. It does not smell like almonds or other similarly sickening things that a lot of "honey" blends seem to have trouble with.

If you are unfamiliar with Egyptian Musk, it doesn't have a tremendous scent throw like a Dragon's Blood or similar "louder" fragrance and it does stay closer to the skin, but you absolutely catch wafts of it and it is by no means invisible. A common problem with some musks is that your nose can almost become immune to it, though it really is there and has good staying power. It also starts out light, then builds in power as it warms on your skin.

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