Saturday, December 31, 2011


Solstice Scents has just listed a few LIMITED RELEASE items.  Limited Release means that all inventory has been listed and once these items sell out, we will not be making more.  Snowshoe Pass was the runaway hit from the Winter Collection 2011.  After great feedback and a response to a thread on our forum on which products you guys would like to see, the Snowshoe Pass Sugared Amber Scrub was born!  The other limited release items are creamy Russian Caravan Whipped Soap and Enchanted Forest Glace.  Russian Caravan was part of the 2010 Winter Collection and returned this year in Perfume and Glace formats.  I decided to whip up (haha) a batch of the Whipped Soap for those of you who would enjoy it in a wash off product.  Enchanted Forest is a fragrance typically offered in the Bath Soaks and Bar Soap.  Again, the forum members polled and majority ruled so Enchanted Forest Glace is available for a limited time.

We also have a few restocked items which include: Snowshoe Pass Perfume, Glace & Whipped Soap, Jack & The Devil Perfume, Pink Sugar Perfume, Manor Perfume.  We also recently restocked both toners and both face masques (Oatmeal Honey and Exquisite Cocoa) and the Old Cedar Magus bar soap.  Enjoy!!

I wanted to also thank all of you for your support this year.  We have served many new customers and have developed stronger relationships with our returning customers.  Your referrals to friends and family have meant the world to us.  The positive feedback about our products and customer service posted on the online bath and body communities has helped us grow exponentially in 2011.  We're thrilled at the response to the products and we're very excited to bring you more exciting new fragrances and products in 2012.  There are many things in the works aside from new scents for our seasonal collections and General Catalog!  Incense, more Home Fragrance Oils, a special Muscle Pain Salve, therapeutic Foot Soaks and much more are on the horizon for this coming year.

Thank you so much for supporting us and affording us the ability to make Solstice Scents available.  We hope to serve many more new faces and grow even more in 2012.

For those of you who follow our Twitter feed, we have changed our username.  The new username is @SolsticeScents1.


  1. Is it possible to buy a variety of sample scents to find the right fragrance?

  2. Hi Julie! You sure can. We sell samples on this page:

    You can mix and match from the General Catalog and Winter Collection too. So if you wanted to buy a sample 5 pack, just leave the ones you want to try in the comments on the website at checkout because I have not enabled the seasonal collections on the basic sample packs (which contain General Catalog scents only). The choices of what is available is listed on the listing and for the Winter Collection scents, you can view a summary of them on this listing:

    Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for commenting. :)