Friday, March 18, 2011

Solstice Scents Spring Collection 2011

The spring collection will be live on Saturday, Mar
ch 19th at 6 p.m. EST on our new website, For valuable info about the site, please see the blog post below this one. The scents available, along with which products they will be offered in, are as follows:

BANANA NUT BREAD ~ A mouthwatering mid-Winter scent created for those who are still seeing snow as opposed to shoots. Warm, comforting banana nut bread loaded with chopped Southern pecans and a subtle spice. This scent smells absolutely delicious and will have you salivating! (Whipped Soap only. Alas, the staying power for leave on applications was virtually non-existant but the whipped soap smells DIVINE.)

Black tea and bergamot essential oil (Bergeptene Free) are paired to simulate the scent of Earl Grey tea. Bergamot is what gives Earl Grey its distinct flavor and aroma. Fresh, uplifting, unisex scent. (Whipped Soap and Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Bath).

Chamomile is a warm, sweet, light floral fragrance with a background note of apple. This soap is a blend of chamomile fragrance and Roman chamomile essential oil. Calendula petals, chamomile flowers (slightly powdered, stems removed) and orange seed powder adds a bright springtime look to the bar. (Bar soap).

White carnations placed upon winter's tomb, sheltered in an oak hammock in which the first signs of spring's new growth has begun to emerge.

A complex blend of fragrance and essential oils, Dellamorte features dominant notes of oak and white carnation with supporting notes of sandalwood, oakmoss, Egyptian musk,
vanilla, hyacinth and a small amount of violet absolute, vetiver and bergamot. On initial application, Dellamorte starts out with a bright burst of fresh green notes, dew kissed carnations, delicate creamy woods and a sweet element from the Egyptian musk and vanilla combination. It stays relatively strong for about 15 minutes then smooths out into a sweet, woodsy and velvety scent with the carnation still present, though more gentle, with a subtle green note and a tiny hint of spice. (Perfume only).

L'S MILLHOPPER ~ Devil's Millhopper is a unique geological formation that is 120 ft. deep and 500 ft. across at the rim. It has over 230 steps descending into its heart. The sinkhole's name comes from its funnel-like shape which resembles a grist mill's hopper in which grain was held. Early settlers found fossilized animal remains and shark's teeth at the bottom and along the craggy walls leading them to believe that this was the place where bodies were fed to the Devil. Devil's Millhopper has a lush primitive environment with fern, moss, lichen, rare plants and a variety of trees. There are several small caves and waterfalls which flow into the basin below. The water then travels to an underground river which leads to the Florida aquifer.

This scent contains notes of heather, oakmoss and an assortment of woods used to interpret the atmosphere of Devil's Millhopper. It smells soft, fresh, green and hugs close to the skin. A very unisex scent. A blend of heather, African bluegrass EO, hinoki wood EO, oakmoss absolute, ho wood EO, sandalwood, rosewood EO, Virginia cedarwood EO & muhuhu EO. (Perfume, Ganache, Bar Soap).

Voluptuous Lilac blossoms in the foreground combine with faint traces of cascading wisteria and subtle, fresh, green grass notes. Contains a blend of fragrance oils and African Bluegrass EO to create a sweet, creamy and gorgeous floral. The dry down is an intensely beautiful and very wearable floral that smells true to the light purple flowers that inspired it. (Perfume, Ganache, Whipped Soap, Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Bath).

Fresh sun-washed linens hanging on the clothesline in the spring breeze meets crisp green top notes of English ivy and a touch of new green spring leaves. A perfect choice for those looking for a very fresh and clean scent that is not your typical "clean cotton" fragrance. On cold sniff and initial application, a beautiful green top note emerges. The dry down is crisp, cool-toned and very fresh. Would make an excellent year round scent! (Perfume, Ganache, Burnishing Glace).

Fresh bloomed jasmine envelops you with its sweet and delicate floral fragrance every time you indulge in this soap, transporting you to a balmy Savannah Summer's Night. This warm and enticing fragrance will have your mind wandering through Bonaventure Cemetery and Forsyth Park, and recalling the hot and sticky nights near the Savannah river or dancing in the moonlight under century old oaks with the ghosts of an abandoned plantation home. In aromatherapy, Jasmine is used in skin care to combat dry, greasy, irritated and sensitive skin. It is believed jasmine can effect the nervous system by fighting depression, nervous exhaustion and stress related conditions and imparting a feeling of optimism and euphoria. Jasmine is associated with love, money and prophetic dreams. This is a wonderful floral scent, light, sweet, sensual and fresh. (Bar soap made for Spring. Perfume oil also available under the General Catalog section under the floral category. Now stronger!).

Spirit Trees, more commonly known as Bottle Trees, are believed to be able to capture evil spirits and are commonly placed outside of the home in an effort to dissuade the evil spirits from entering the home. They're commonly thought to originate in Africa but similar lore has been found in other countries around the world. Bottle Trees are popular in the south, especially in the low country, where they adorn home gardens as folk art pieces and perhaps serve a greater purpose for the superstitious.

Delicate white flowers, soft vanilla and sandalwood. Fans of Spellbound Woods and gentle florals will enjoy this scent as the smooth and subtle woodsy base is comprised of Spellbound, Sandalwood EO, Sandalwood FO and Amyris EO which marries beautifully to the sweet jasmine blooms and elegant lily of the valley that lay in an intoxicating blanket on top. (Perfume, Ganache, Burnishing Glace).

The Carolina Wren is the inspiration behind this bright spring scent. A small brown bird with a beautiful white stripe above each eye and light yellow markings on the chest and belly, the Carolina Wren only measures up to 6 inches in adulthood. Wrens are common residents in our home garden and they have the most beautiful song. They are monogamous, inquisitive, playful and frequently nest in garages and hanging plants. The wren is frequently found on our windowsills and can be seen darting around in the jasmine outside of th e Solstice Scents workshop. They have no trouble cohabiting near humans and are wonderful companion birds that bring joy to any garden.

Wren is made with essential oils of petitgrain, African bluegrass, michelia alba, ylang ylang extra and a small touch of sandalwood and Virgi
nia cedarwood. 100% pure essential oil blend. The fragrance is primarily tart, citrusy, herbaceous and slightly woodsy petitgrain. Petitgrain oil is extracted from the leaves or branches of the orange tree but smells quite different from orange or neroli essential oil. It has a bright and uplifting aroma and if it were a color, it would be the color of a Wren. Petitgrain is indicated for stress related conditions and insomnia. The other essential oils in the blend are mild and add depth. African bluegra ss has an amazing grassy scent, michelia alba is a tangy floral with a green note. Topped with shredded aspen and moss. (Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Bath).

PERFUME SAMPLE PACK ~ Available with all 5 perfumes: Dellamorte, Devil's Millhopper, Garden Gate, Linen & Ivy and Spirit Tree

SPRING GIFT SET ~ Limited quantities available. Co
ntains Chamomile bar soap, 4 oz. Black Tea & Bergamot Whipped Soap, 4 oz. Spirit Tree Ganache, 8 oz. Wren Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Bath, 2 oz. Linen & Ivy Glace, Garden Gate Perfume Roll-on. Adorned with a variety of mosses.

OTHER ITEMS AVAILABLE/RESTOCKS: Items that have been out of stock or out of rotation that will be available again are: Botanical Toner for Oily/Troubled and Dry/Normal/Mature Skin, Seance Soap, Dragon's Blood Soap (ne
w look), Travelers Soap, Pink Sugar (Type) Perfume, Moonlight on the Grove Perfume, Shoikan Grove Perfume, Nag Champa Glace, Dragon's Blood Glace, Astral Temple Whipped Soap, Old Cedar Magus Whipped Soap, Cenobite Whipped Soap and Quiet Night Ganache.

The Valentine's Day collection will also be available si
nce I only had it available for purchase for 2 weeks prior to closing. Violet Truffle is going general catalog for sure! Considering Cherry Vanilla Amberosia for general catalog as well.

Cafe Mallowmel Perfume, Ganache and Burnishing Glace will also be available!

The SALE section will feature the limited remaining
amount of winter goodies for $5.00/ea.

We hope to see you at!


  1. Aww.. Really wish your Banana Bread scent was available in perfume form :P

  2. Angela!

    Congratulations! You did it! I can't wait to visit your new website.

    As I reviewed your list of products, I recognized some local sites in their names... Devil's Millhopper, Garden Gate, as well as one of my favorite birds, the Carolina Wren.

    I send you "a thousand splendid wishes" for great succes with your new site and a BIG hug!


  3. Hi Sylvie! Garden Gate was actually a total coincidence! I was trying to think of a garden related name and came up with that after a few other options but it only dawned on me the other day when driving past the nursery that it was that too. And I drive past that place constantly and have shopped there so it's so weird that I never put the two together. The naming must have been subconsciously suggested. :D

  4. Hey Angela,

    I saw your beautiful pictures and I realized you named the scent Garden Gate after your own garden gate, and not the nursery. Regardless, it's a very good name! By the way, I love that nursery! It's where I buy most of my butterfly plants.

    Your website looks great!