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Solstice Scents Autumn Collection PART 1 Release: Saturday, September 14th at 6 p.m. EST

Solstice Scents Autumn Collection:  Saturday, September 14th at 6:00 p.m. EST.

The fall collection will be issued in two parts this year.  The first release will take place this Saturday and features returning scents from previous years, including the return of last year's Manor Collection.  The second release will take place in late October and will feature a themed collection of brand new scents.

In addition to the returning items illustrated below, the Kitchen fragrance will make it's debut in body ganache!  The other big surprise that will be unveiled is the return of the General Catalog scent "Monster Mash" but it will be under its new name of "Loggia".   Though it is GC, I will be listing the Loggia products under the Autumn Collection page on the site as well, so you may find them easily during the release.  Loggia has only been slightly modified from its original incarnation as Monster Mash and is essentially the same great scent that you remember.  A touch more amber has been added to round out the sharpness of the mahogany and there is also a small increase of sandalwood, cardamom, black pepper and all spice EOs to compliment the fragrance oils.   Loggia will be available in perfume, ganache, home fragrance oil and glace for this release.  The last surprise is a small batch of Seance bar soap.  I expect this will sell out quickly.  We made a decent quantity of the fall offerings and will restock certain popular items should they sell out.  The focus will shift completely on to part 2 of the fall release as there is an immense amount of work to be done for that to come out before Halloween.  Therefore, restocks will be intermittent as time allows.  The best advice is that if there is something you really really want, please go ahead and purchase it because I cannot fully guarantee a restock of all the items: salts and scrubs, chiefly.  There will be plenty of perfume oil and frequent restocks for that.



Leather Bound Books, A Carved Rosewood Mantle, Dying Fireplace Embers, Wood Wainscoting, Cedar Shelving and Aged Paper


Twenty oils are combined to evoke the character of the exquisite library of the Manor.  Ample wood shelving displaying countless works, primarily bound in leather, is found on all four walls of the library.  A fireplace on the west wall features an intricately carved rosewood mantle and heavy dark wood wainscoting adorns the walls beneath the book laden shelves.  Dying embers impart a soft smokiness in the room and the scent of aged paper and a worn brown leather armchair melds with the rich leather and wood notes.  
Library begins as a robust woods and leather (brown and black) scent with strong smoky overtones on initial application but after a few short minutes it begins to soften into a realistic and complex fragrance that contains elements you'd expect to experience in the fine personal collection of the Manor.  Library contains a blend of sandalwood EO and FO, agarwood, nagarmotha EO, choya loban attar, guaiacwood, Virginia cedarwood EO, leather, copaiba EO, benzoin EO, rosewood EO, Plai EO, western red cedar EO, rhododendron leaf EO, osmanthus attar and fragrance oils.  The dry down features a combination of woods, leather, embers, dust and brittle paper with a rich lemony-rosewood finish.  

10mL Perfume only.  Offered at $18.00.


Vanilla Accord, Western Red Cedar Heartwood EO, Osmanthus Attar, Sandalwood EO


Shake gently before each use.  An aged cedar chest filled with fine fabrics, exquisite lace-overlay dresses, heirloom linens and crocheted tops, forgotten in the attic of the manor house.  The scent of this cedar chest and the soft mustiness of stored linens with the beautiful, yet faded, perfume of the owner still detectable upon the fabric is captured in the Attic Perfume.  A fine vanilla accord is paired with the most gorgeous red cedar heartwood EO, aged sandalwood EO and osmanthus attar.  Attic starts out strong, with a burst of the cedar EO and vanilla accord but mellows into a sweet, woody, slightly musty and dusty fragrance that is exquisitely atmospheric.  It shares some character with the Manor perfume and fans of Manor may enjoy Attic, especially if they like really gorgeous and true cedar essential oil.  This cedar smells just like an aged piece of dried cedarwood and pairs wonderfully with the other notes on the dry down.

10mL Perfume offered at $17.00.  Burnishing Glace $29.00.

Pumpkin, Sugar Cookies, Peach Preserves, Spice Breads, Danishes, Caramel, Vanilla

and Sweet Wood Smoke

Autumn at the Manor features a bustling kitchen alive with the sweet scents of fresh baked seasonal treats.   Large windows bathe the kitchen and its vast array of copper and cast iron cookery with light.  A basket of fresh-picked orchard fruits sits near the scullery, awaiting a quick rinse before being sliced for rich lattice-topped pies. Warm sugar-dusted sweets, pumpkin, flaky pastries filled with peach preserves, sugar cookies, caramel and vanilla combine with a touch of hay absolute, all embraced by a generous dose of sweet wood smoke to bring you the Manor's fall kitchen experience. 

Kitchen is a blend of 14 fragrance and essential oils that starts out with a burst of sweet pumpkin followed by very gentle baking spices on initial application.  Juicy peach and a hint of frosting quickly follow with a warm buttery pastry and soft sugar cookies underneath.  The wood smoke is generous but doesn't begin to emerge for about 15 to 20 minutes after application.  It does get stronger as it warms on your skin and the fragrance begins to waft softly around you with the sweet wood smoke, baking spices and mouth-watering baked goods.  Kitchen is warm and comforting, morphs wonderfully and the dry down is the essence of autumn.

The wood smoke is primarily detectable in the Perfume and Burnishing Glace on the dry down.  The Whipped Soap is primarily gourmand, capturing the sweet pumkin, baked goods, soft spices and a touch of peach with the wood smoke not being as apparent as in the other products.

Offered as 10mL Perfume ($16.00), Burnishing Glace ($16.00), Body Ganache ($9.00) and Whipped Soap ($9.00).

Damp Earth and Stone, Wooden Casks, Cool Fall Air, Crisp Apple, Pear and Broom Corn 

The Cellar of the Manor is constructed of stone and wooden beams.  It houses orchard fruits, wooden casks of estate wine and stores of broom corn.  The Cellar fragrance contains notes of oakmoss absolute, aged patchouli EO, Virginia cedarwood EO, cool stone, red apple, Bartlett pear, sweet clover absolute, hay absolute and guaiacwood.

On initial application, Cellar has a very cool, wet stone and Earth fragrance combined with a burst of red apple and fresh cut pear.  The hay and sweet clover rise shortly thereafter and lend an overall dryness that tempers the sweetness of the fruit notes.  The dry down is an autumnal dirty/Earthy apple scent, devoid of spice notes, that has a bit of warmth and dryness.  The cool stone element is a top note that dissipates shortly after application.  When first applied, this element of the fragrance is like a burst of coolness from when you first descend into the cellar, which fades as you become accustomed to the air and aware of the other scents in the room.  The wood and patchouli notes add a grounding earthiness that serves to deepen the other notes in the blend without becoming a predominant patchouli fragrance.   Unisex and atmospheric.
Offered as 10mL Perfume ($15.00), Burnishing Glace ($15.00) and Whipped Soap ($9.00).

Soft Musk, Sandalwood EO, Amber, Clove EO, Myrrh EO, Vanilla, Aged Patchouli EO, Champaca Absolute and Aged Sandalwood Attar

Shake gently before each use.  The Master Bedroom is furnished with a luxurious canopied bed featuring a red damask spread with black velvet flocking, ornate mahogany furniture, ivory lace curtains and exquisite needlepoint wall hangings.  The room has a delicate, sensual, sweet, spicy and musky scent.  Notes of soft musk, sandalwood EO, amber, candied clove, dry myrrh EO, aged patchouli EO and precious champaca absolute combine with an amazing sandalwood attar that has been aged for 3 years.  The aged sandalwood is beautiful and creamy with a slight anise-like spice. 

On initial application, the clove is the first note to emerge but very soon after the delicate musk, exotic champaca, airy vanilla, rich patchouli and woods quickly follow.  The resulting scent is warm, sweet and exotic.  The patchouli is carefully added so that Master Bedroom is not a heavy scent.  The clove dries down to lend spice without dominating the other notes.   This has a gentle long-term dry down scent with good tenacity and sensual yet sophisticated character.  Unisex.  
10mL Perfume only.  Offered at $17.00.

Rhododendron Leaf EO, Fern, Amber, Sandalwood EO, Geranium EO, Violet, Orange Blossom and Absolutes of Lavender, Oakmoss and Mimosa 

The Solarium of the Manor features a glass roof and walls to allow maximum light exposure.  Cascading plants tumble from terracotta planters while a lush variety of fern can be found interposed between a variety of herbs, blossoms, potted violets and orchids. 

Solarium contains a blend of rhododendron leaf EO, lavender absolute, green notes of fern and oakmoss, rose geranium EO, geranium bourbon EO, neroli, sandalwood EO, amber, mimosa absolute, violet and a touch of tuberose.  The resulting fragrance is a complex floral with strong green and herbal overtones.  If Solarium were a blend of colors, its fragrance would be primarily purple and green tinged with gold.  The scent is incredibly unique.  The rhododendron leaf and lavender are the dominant notes, followed by a variety of fern.  The other notes in this blend add body and character without adding very heady and strong white floral notes.  Solarium is very strong upon initial application.  Rhododendron leaf is a fragrance like no other - herbaceous, creamy, slightly floral and balsamic, it combines with the coumarin-rich lavender absolute to provide a very cool-toned flower bed for the other elements.  This exotic full-bodied fragrance softens to a delicate, herbaceous floral after about half an hour of wear.  It doesn't morph a great deal but it does dry down to a softer incarnation of itself.

10mL Perfume only.  Offered at $15.00.


All six perfumes in the Manor Collection are available in a special box set.  We hand-stained each pine box with two coats of rich stain and slightly distressed the box for a vintage look.  All hardware (latch, hinges and screws) was removed and treated with an oil rubbed bronze finish to give an antiqued appearance.  The perfumes will come packaged in the box, wrapped in a vintage handkerchief, with a card that denotes each room with a brief description of each scent's primary notes.  Every handkerchief is different.  Most feature an embroidered pattern of flowers or herbs with the base color being ivory or white.  These handkerchiefs are of vintage quality and therefore may contain slight imperfections such as a loose thread, a very small area of discoloration (usually where a "Made In" sticker used to be located on a corner) or a minute tear or tattered edge which gives the hankie history and character.  Each hankie will be a surprise and is selected of our choosing to include in your set. The box is intended to emulate the cedar chests used to store fine linens while also representing one of the fragrances in the Manor Collection: Attic.

We are very pleased to offer this special set for $130 with complimentary Domestic (USA only) shipping.  Quantities limited for this item.



A Blend of Mahogany, Amber, Musk, Vanilla Bean, Allspice, Cardamom, Black Pepper and Sandalwood

(Formerly known as Monster Mash).  High above the village, a castle sits shrouded in a heavy gray mist.  Muted moonlight illuminates its upper terraces. Thick with incense smoke, the loggia swells with invited guests, each heavily cloaked and masked. Laughter, violas and a harpsichord fill the night. Wine flows from never-ending mahogany vats. Exotic spices drape the air in fragrant bouquets. A bell rings from the archway, and all in attendance fall silent as the master of the night creatures crosses the paving stones...

Loggia is a blend of rich mahogany wood, sweet amber, musk, dark incense, deep vanilla bean and spices.  Fragrance oils combine with essential oils of sandalwood, cardamom, black pepper and allspice.  All of these notes meld together to create a dark, rich polished wood with a cool creamy sweetness and pleasing spice medley.  Loggia is a rich unisex scent that leans masculine but is also popular with ladies who enjoy darker scents.  It is strong on cold sniff and initial application with the mahogany and spices being in the forefront.  After about 15 minutes the scent becomes creamy and more well-rounded with a touch of vanilla bean and a healthy dose of amber smoothing out the dominant mahogany but never fully extinguishing its presence. 

Loggia has only been slightly modified from its original incarnation as Monster Mash and is essentially the same great scent that you remember.  A touch more amber has been added to round out the sharpness of the mahogany and there is also a small increase of sandalwood, cardamom, black pepper and all spice EOs to compliment the fragrance oils.  The resulting fragrance is smooth and very rich.

Available in 10 mL Perfume ($13.00), Body Ganache ($9.00), Burnishing Glace ($14.00) and Home Fragrance Oil ($8.50).

Cocoa Absolute, Blood Orange EO, Yellow Mandarin EO, Aged Patchouli EO, Labdanum and Mushroom Absolute

Midnight Oil is solely comprised of essential oils and absolutes.  It is a deep, earthy, rich and citrusy fragrance.  The cocoa, patchouli and mushroom absolute provide a dark, dank base for the bright blood orange and mandarin essential oils.  A touch of labdanum adds a subtle resinous quality to the scent.   The cocoa and chocolatey-earthy mushroom absolute combine with the orange to lend this scent a strong gourmand quality while the patchouli (aged 5 years) adds a deep musky and sooty character.  Offered as a Sugared Amber Whipped Cleansing Scrub which also contains a little coffee butter and raw cocoa butter in addition to the shea, Virgin coconut and other oils in the scrub.  The cocoa butter is not denoted on the label but will be mentioned on the listing so please be aware for allergy concerns (though there is quite a bit of cocoa absolute as well).  In use, the Midnight Oil blooms in the shower with a burst of earthy/Incensey orange.  Huffing yourself during use IS advised.  It's mouthwatering:  foody yet dark!  Rich warm tan color of this scrub comes solely from the essential oils used.  Cocoa absolute, patchouli and mushroom absolute are all very dark oils.

The return of the Sugared Amber Whipped Cleansing Scrub (8 oz. jar) ~$12.50 (Perfume also currently available in the Premium Perfume category)



Warm Baked Goods, Dried Herbs, Sweet Annie, Soft Woods, Fragrant Hearth Smoke


Upon entering the Witch's Cottage you are greeted wit
h fresh and dried herbs, chamomile flowers, rosemary sprigs, Sweet Annie, Davana and a hint of crisp apples. A warm undercurrent of luscious baked goods, sweet buns and candied pralines emerges and is followed by mild fragrant woods and sweet hearth smoke. Witch's Cottage fragrance is a true journey with loads of atmosphere.

On initial application the herbs emer
ge with the sweet baked goods hovering just below. The apple and herbal top notes (namely the chamomile and Sweet Annie) retreat within a few minutes to make way for brown sugar and caramel heavy baked goods. The sweet note is a collection of a variety of different sugary treats but the overall scent is not cloying - rather a vague, well blended impression of baked goods that adds a rich warmth to the blend.

Further journeying into the cottage will take you to the warme
st, most fragrant and exotic soft woods touched by a wisp of divine incense and sweet hearth smoke. The long term dry down is that of the woods and sweet smoke and is a very warm, comforting and alluring fragrance. A definite morpher that is also very interesting, unique and complex scent. It wears close to the skin and encourages snuggling into the couch in front of a blazing fire with a great book and a mug of hot cider!
The Whipped Soap is wonderful as well but the warm drydown described above is not as detectable. The cold sniff impression is more prominent here: warm, sweet, a touch of herbs, apple, chamomile and a hint of sweet woods.

Available in 10 mL Perfume ($15.00), Burnishing Glace ($15.00) and Whipped Soap ($10.00).


Sugared Blackberries, Black Agarwood, Aloeswood, sweet and smoky Guaiacwood, Amber.

An impenetrable entanglem
ent of thick brambles and dangerously sharp thorny branches housing large sweet blackberries that are practically to the bursting point of ripeness. The scent is that of a sweet blackberry paired with exotic incensey woods. The dry down smells like a wonderful dark berry incense!

Thornwood Thicket starts out more powerfully blackberry
with a touch of a grape note, but it doesn't take long for that to tone down and the woods to softly come out. The wood components do get stronger over time, especially after it has been on the skin for a while. The blackberry has tremendous staying power, though it does take a back seat to the woods. There is no fake berry smell here on the dry down but rather a dark, rich berry note. This is a very nice morpher and one that begs for a skin test (do not judge it on cold sniff as the true blackberry note is not as apparent this way!).

Available in Perfume ($15.00), Body Ganache ($10.00) and Burnishing Glace ($18.00)

Red Musk, Dragon's Blood Resin, Burning Wood, Somalian Myrrh, Egyptian Musk.

Gehenna is a very dark fragrance with red musk as the dominant note, followed by rich Dragon's Blood
. Smoke from eternal fires billows in the background followed by a subtle addition of resinous myrrh. Egyptian Musk rounds out the sharper notes of the blend and contributes to a lighter, less ominous dry down.
On cold sniff and initial application, Gehenna is strong, powerful, rich and musky. The smoke is more detectable at this stage. The scent evolves to showcase the red musk and dragon's blood in the foreground. After journeying into Gehenna for an hour or so, a halo of Egyptian musk emerges from the darkness - tempting the senses with its white light and calm resonance.

Available in Perfume ($12.00), Body Ganache ($9.00), Whipped Soap ($9.00) and Burnishing Glace ($14.00)


Ozone, Rustling Leaves, Rich Black Soil, Chimney Smoke & Woods

If you've ever wished to literally bathe in the essence of a late-afternoon Autumn day, Foxcroft is for you. An incredible blend of ozone, rich black soil, rustling leaves and chimney smoke, Foxcroft is at once cool air coupled with firey red, orange and golden leaves, a sweet sharp green note, fertile wet dirt and a touch of woods laced with the intoxicating smoke from fireplaces burning throughout the countryside.  

Foxcroft is very potent upon cold sniff and initial application!  At the beggining, it smells of very wet decaying leaves but on the skin it will evolve into a softer and more wearable scent with the soft smoke notes coming out.  Please make sure to skin test this one for the full true experience!

Foxcroft was inspired by a beautiful quaint small town in

The wonderful smoke note in Foxcroft is primarily detectable
in the perfume format, once some of the top notes have burned off and the powerful blast of Autumn air has subsided. The Whipped Soap and Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Bath are both more heavily scented with the other earthy notes with the smoke note mingling within as part of the profile.

Available in Perfume ($13.00), Whipped Soap ($9.00), Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Bath ($10.00), Burnishing Glace ($14.00) and Ganache ($9.00)

Chypre, Brown Leather, Warm Toba
cco, Woods and More

Our handcrafted chypre base of oakmoss absolute, labdanum absolute and berg
amot essential oil supports loads of warm, earthy patchouli, brown leather, fine tobacco, a touch of agarwood and sandalwood, frankincense and vanilla accord. It is a masculine and complex scent that is very brown leather and tobacco heavy.
Upon initial application, bergamot top notes tickle your nose as the oakmoss, earthy patchouli and sweet balsamic amber lurks just beneath. After just a few seconds Devil's Tongue gives way to rich brown leather followed immediately by rich cured tobacco. This is a strong, powerful, rich scent that is unabashed and unafraid. Supporting notes of sandalwood, vanilla, agar and more contribute additional depth. The leather and tobacco eventually subside and meld with the chypre and the patchouli begins to peak out. Great staying power, very strong.

This scent contains several essential oils and absolutes. The bergamot used is Bergeptene-free. 

Perfume only ($15.00)

Earthy-Aquatic Fragrance Featuring Patchouli, Smoky Vetiver, Fresh Rain, Peat Bogs, Irish Moss, Woods and a Fresh Crash of Salty Waves
Wail of the Banshee is a very earthy fragrance combined with aquatic notes. It is heavy on the patchouli, woods and dank bog notes followed instantly by fresh rain and salty waves, smokey vetiver and finished with a hint of moss in the background. Dark and atmospheric.

The Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Bath is topped with dried Irish Moss. 

Available in Whipped Soap ($10.00) and Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Bath ($10.00) only.

This fragrance did not translate well into the leave on products or they would be offered too.


All Natural Dark and Earthy Blend of Cedar, Cypress, Spruce, Patchouli, Amyris, Violet Leaf Absolute, Oakmoss and More.


An unkempt solitary stone crypt sits shaded in a dense
forest of ancient cedar trees. Crumbling stone covered in rich moss lays on wet, dank soil that is cold to the touch. A memorial long forgotten, the only frequent visitors are the shadows of the sheltering trees.

Crumbling Crypt is an all natural blend of essential oils and absolutes including Virginia Cedarwood, Patchouli, Oakmoss Absolute, Spruce,
Cypress, Amyris, Rosewood, Patchouli, Violet Leaf Absolute, Rosemary, Lavender, Vetiver, Marjoram and Himalayan Cedar. I
t smells very woodsy, earthy, dank, green and herbal. 
Available in Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Bath only ($10.00)



Pink Grapefruit, White Grapefruit, Palmarosa, Geranium, Chamomile, Rosewood, Jasmine

Blood Bathory is not just a macabre novelty that turns your bath water the color of watered down blood, it also contains a powerhouse of antioxidant essential oils, green tea powder and a silky blend of oatmeal and coconut milk powder. It is a combination of essential oils of pink grapefruit, white grapefruit, palmarosa, geranium bourbon, peru balsam, roman chamomile, rosewood and jasmine with a just a few drops of jasmine fragrance oil. The fragrance is a light tart citrus coupled with a tea-like mild floral.  A relaxing bath best used before bed or to ease nervous tension due to the sedative properties in the chamomile essential oil.   Sweet grapefruit is the dominant note in the bath.  For best results, add when tub is almost completely full of water. 

Topped with dried rose petals.  Contains red 40 which turns bath water red.  Read full listing for more details.

Available in Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Bath only ($10.00) 

Fresh Apples, Crisp Pears, Pomegranate, Blackberries, Boysenberries, Blueberries, Blood Orange, Brown Sugar and Caramel

(Not related to the Manor Collection's "Cellar" fragrance!) Down dimly lit stairs in Grandma's old farmhouse you'll find a
treasure trove of fresh fruits in the fruit cellar. Fresh Apples, Crisp Pears, Pomegranates, Blackberries, Boysenberries, Blueberries and Blood Oranges are ready for baking, fruit tarts and cobblers! Grandma is upstairs working on her famous pie crust with a warm pot of homemade caramel coming together on the stove and heaps of brown sugar just begging to be added to a special confection. 

Fruit Cellar has strong notes of fresh apples and pears followed by a blend of berries and a blood orange essential oil top note. Sweet brown sugar and caramel melt into the fruit notes to create a delicious, fruity and sweet autumn fragrance. 
Available in Sugared Amber Whipped Cleansing Scrub only ($11.75)

Apples, Pumpkin, Butternut Squash, Roasted Chestnuts and Spices

Harvest Moon is a fragrance for those who wish that fall could last year-round. It is a true harvest-smelling autumn inspired blend of crisp fresh apple slices, pumpkin, butternut squash, cinnamon, clove, maple and roasted chestnuts. Apply this fragrance, close your eyes and imagine the vibrant reds, oranges and yellows of the fall leaves, the smell of smoke from a fireplace, the taste of mulled cider and feel the thrilling chill in the air tickle the nape of your neck. You will see in your minds-eye the colorful seasonal gourds and ornamental maize in the yards of your neighbors and hear the wind chimes in the fall breeze as the fallen leaves dance and rustle around your feet.

Home Fragrance oil ($8.50). Harvest Moon was sadly discontinued from being offered in bath and body products as one of the oils is no longer IFRA compatible.

A Magical Blend of Vanilla, Amber, Cedar, Spices & Cauldron Smoke

This is the original recipe Conjure offered once again as a home fragrance oil!  I have the ability to make the original formula again so I decided to make the home fragrance oil in the original version in lieu of the reformulated perfume/body products version.  I do not have plans to discontinue the new formula for other applications (perfume, ganache, glace, etc) and change back to this one though.

Conjure is a very soft and magical blend consisting of mild non-foody slightly incensey vanilla, golden amber and fresh cut cedar with a faint wisp of cauldron smoke, allspice EO, Sandalwood EO, Rose EO, Rosewood EO and clove EO and a pinch of champa flowers. The main notes are the vanilla, amber, woods and faint all spice. It is very sexy, mysterious and intriguing.

Home Fragrance oil ($8.50)

Sweet Pumpkin, Gingerbread Whipped Cream, Cinnamon and Nutmeg Essential Oil

A best seller! The fragrance is a blend of coffee essential and fragrance oils, sweet pumpkin, gingerbread whipped cream, cinnamon and a drop of nutmeg essential oil. Upon application, coffee is the first note to emerge, immediately followed by a spicy cinnamon. After just a few minutes a sweet syrupy scent emerges. The true dry down scent rises after about 15 - 20 minutes on the skin at which point the spice mellows and the coffee, pumpkin and cream all perfectly swim together in a pleasingly balanced brew.

Available in Perfume ($12.00), Ganache ($9.00) and Burnishing Glace ($15.00)

Blackberry Jam, Boysenberry Preserves, Vanilla Bean Accord, Creamy Vanilla and a Touch of Vanilla Musk

Fall is the season for canning and preparing food stores and the home and its inhabitants for the winter.  The kitchen is abuzz with the creation of homemade delights but the most prized at the Blackburn Farmstead is the blackberry and boysenberry preserves made from berries grown right on the farm.  In the autumn, the family gathers around the hearth to enjoy fresh made butter and jam on hot from the oven buttermilk biscuits.  The jam is also a euphoric experience on the homemade fresh-churned vanilla ice cream!

Blackberry Jam, Boysenberry Preserves, Vanilla Bean Accord, Creamy Vanilla and a touch of Vanilla Musk.  This scent is not quite as "literal" of a foodie scent as the Blueberry Muffin Batter.  It is a blend heavy on rich vanilla. The berries are primarily detected on cold sniff for the perfume and whipped soap and initial application for the perfume and glace.  The ganache is a bit creamier and the vanilla is more in the foreground, though the berries are detectable.  With the ganache, the dry down has the berries floating at the very bottom of an ethereal, very feminine vanilla blend.  The perfume and glace start out with the delicious combination of berries laying on top of the gorgeous vanillas.  The dry down mirrors the ganache - sweet and creamy vanillas in the foreground with a cool-toned blend of berries in the background, rounding out the vanilla.   We definitely recommend layering the ganache and either perfume or glace to get the full effect of this fragrance.

This is more of a "grown up" gourmand scent.  Much in the way that Aquolina Pink Sugar is very sweet and clearly has many sugary and foodie notes but also has a hint of musk, Blackburn Farmstead follows in this tradition in that it is very sweet, the vanilla and berries are true but the touch of vanilla musk adds an edge that keeps it from being straight up foodie and turns it from simply comforting to subtly sexy. 

Available in Perfume ($13.00), Ganache ($9.00), Whipped Soap ($9.00) and Burnishing Glace ($14.00)

Sweet Candy Corn, Chocolate Candy Wrappers, Melty Gooey Marshmallows, Sticky Caramels and Black Jelly Beans
It's back! (Originally known as Fright Night). Halloween Night is a cavity-inducing blend of sugared Halloween sweets, smelling similar to a Halloween candy pail. Sweet candy corn, chocolate candy wrappers, melty gooey marshmallows, sticky caramels, black jelly beans and more. This scent starts off with a little burst of black licorice that mellows quickly. Dry down is a soft blend of various candies, worn close to the skin but sweet and long lasting.

Available in Perfume ($10.00), Ganache ($9.00) and Burnishing Glace ($14.00)

Sage, Clove, Frankincense, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood


Seance is a haunting blend of sage, clove, frankincense, patchouli and ylang ylang essential oils and a dash of sandalwood fragrance oil to awaken the spirit. It smells mostly of spicy clove and sage followed by a bit exotic and astringent frankincense oil. It has a deep, herbaceous, woody, spicy, earthy and musky fragrance.  The ylang ylang contributes a sweet/light floral note and the patchouli is almost undetectable, contributing more to the overall fullness of the Seance fragrance rather than standing apart as a strong note like the sage, clove and frankincense do.  This very popular soap is being offered for the fall collection, after a long hiatus!

Offered at $5.25

As always, all the fall fragrances will be available in perfume sample format. The 6  Manor Collection perfume samples will be offered in one perfume pack for $14.00.  The full fall collection perfume samples pack (all perfumes being offered) will also be available.  The new oils and returning oils will be enabled in the individual sample listing as well. If you wish to purchase one of the 3, 5 or 10 packs in the shop and include fall samples in your order, the fall scents will NOT be added to the drop down menu. You will need to add the listing to your cart and write in your sample choices in the comments box at checkout. The fall scents will be added to the free sample menu at checkout as well.

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