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DARK SPRING RELEASE: Saturday, May 4th at 6 p.m. EST

We are doing a release on this Saturday, May 4th at 6 p.m. EST. offering several new scents including 3 naturals and 2 reformulated scents.

(Gardenia sold in premium samples only. These are our regular perfume sample vials filled 1/4 of the way full. See diagram below. There is a limited quantity. This stock is from our 2012 enfleurage process. We are currently enfleuraging many more gardenias for 2013. Due to limited stock, we are only offering premium samples for all who would like to experience this amazing flower. It will be more expensive than our typical perfume samples due to the intense amount of labor and thousands of gardenia petals involved. Read on for more details about this amazing essence and the process).

Solstice Scents is proud to offer gardenia essence from our homegrown pesticide-free gardenia flowers. Three different gardenia varieties (Gardenia jasminoides, Gardenia brighamii and Gardenia radicans) were used to create this 100% natural essence. Utilizing the principles of the centuries-old practice of enfleurage, we developed a unique technique to capture the fragrance of creamy white gardenia flowers in full bloom.

Enfleurage requires thousands upon thousands of gardenia petals to be infused in fat (vegetable source). Each tray takes multiple infusions and the petals must be replaced frequently. It is a very laborious process and this first step mandates a minimum of 6 weeks of dedication during the gardenia blooming season, which occurs mid-April to the beginning of June. The flowers are hand-harvested each morning for maximum potency. The premium samples offered on this listing are from our 2012 batch of flowers. We are currently working on enfleuraging the gardenias that are now blooming and the 2013 batch will be available in the future.

Due to the amount of time, effort and dedication required in this process, enfleurage is rarely practiced today. Processing thousands of petals only yields a very small amount of precious absolute, making it impractical for the commercial market. It is a true labor of love. Solstice Scents is one of only a few companies in the world to offer this rare fragrance.

This highly concentrated perfume is milky white in color and presented in perfumer's alcohol. You'll experience a strong burst of gardenia on initial application. The aroma of the gardenia flower is unable to be extracted through the process of steam distillation meaning that there is no such thing as gardenia essential oil. In the rare instances gardenia is offered in the marketplace, it is a solvent extracted absolute or concrete that does not capture the true aroma of the flower. The solvent extraction process degrades the delicate fragrance and yields a product that does resemble a gardenia aroma with much heavier green notes but is nowhere near as realistic as the gardenia aroma produced via enfleurage. Our process captures the character of the flower as closely as possible, exuding the sweetness of the velvety white petals with a very delicate and subtle green note.

This perfume is for natural essence enthusiasts who have wished for a true-smelling gardenia fragrance. It does not have the longevity and sillage of its synthetic counterparts and after 15 to 30 minutes its profile tends to hug closer to the skin. Most people should experience 2+ hours of wear when following these steps:

1. This sample yields several uses. Shake vial before application.

2. Apply liberally to posterior of arm/wrist, as opposed to pulse point of wrist, for maximum longevity.

3. Application to skin directly from vial is more effective than multiple swipes of wand applicator and will give you a stronger, longer lasting fragrance.

This fragrance may solidify in very cold temperatures. Should this occur, you may hold the vial vertically in a hot water bath and perfume will liquify quickly. Make sure water does not come near cap or get into the vial.

Some additional photos of the process will be included on the listing when it is available on the website.

MIDNIGHT OIL PREMIUM 5ml PERFUME (100% natural in Perfumer's Alcohol)
Cocoa Absolute, Blood Orange EO, Yellow Mandarin EO, Aged Patchouli EO, Labdanum Absolute, Coffee EO & Mushroom Absolute


Midnight Oil was originally offered as a scrub in our autumn collection. I have formulated this scent to be enjoyed as a perfume. It is solely comprised of essential oils and absolutes. It is a deep, earthy, rich and citrusy fragrance. The cocoa, patchouli and mushroom absolute provide a dark, dank base for the bright blood orange and mandarin essential oils. A touch of labdanum adds a subtle sticky resinous quality to the scent. The cocoa and chocolatey-earthy smelling mushroom absolute combine with the orange to lend this scent a strong gourmand quality while the aged patchouli adds a deep musky and sooty character. The coffee EO in this blend is very subtle and works to add to the rich base.

The blood orange and mandarin oils give a citrusy burst to the initial application. The citrus is prominent for about 20 minutes or so. The dry down is dark, earthy and sweet with a slight hint of citrus. This fragrance contains a very small amount of tonka bean absolute as a fixative.

Midnight Oil is blended in perfumer's alcohol. Please shake gently before each use as the cocoa absolute will settle to the bottom. A few shakes will quickly and easily disperse the scent evenly. Unisex.

Cocoa absolute may stain lighter colored clothing and skin. When applying perfume, rub perfume in quickly as it is easier to work into skin with less chance of staining. 

PRIVATE EYE PREMIUM 5 ml PERFUME (100% natural blend in Perfumer's alcohol)
Cocoa Absolute, Myrrh EO, Pink Pepper EO, Black Pepper EO, Tonka absolute, Buddha Wood, Tobacco absolute, Coffee EO, Guiacwood, Rosewood EO, etc.


I'm obsessed with this scent. It is so unique and avant garde and I'm thrilled with how it came out. I'm not putting all of this on the listing but wanted to mention it here.

A mix of vices: dark chocolate, black coffee and cigarettes wrapped in a worn leather bomber jacket and staked out in a tan '72 Buick Skylark on a humid night. Radio static white noise crackling through the speakers, cigarette ashes on the car door. Later: a dark office. Neon lights cut sharply through the shadows. The hot bulb of the film projector heats up. Rotating reels emanate the familiar smell of warm celluloid and dust motes, flying just inches away from the lens.

Private Eye is a raw, gritty and unusual fragrance that radiates atmosphere and mystery. This inspired scent is spicy, earthy, sweet and slightly smoky with the faintest trace of leather. An all natural blend of resinous myrrh, rich cacao, effervescent pink pepper, black pepper, tobacco absolute, coffee essential oil, choya loban, guaiacwood, tonka bean, aged patchouli, rosewood and the woody, candied clove-like scent of buddha wood essential oil, Private Eye seeks to take you on a suspenseful journey full of mystery, into a dark and tangled world of unraveling secrets.

This is a very complex scent. Multiple notes arise on initial application: a blast of pink and black peppers, chocolate and coffee are followed quickly by heavy, resinous myrrh. Immediately thereafter the bright rosewood emerges, hovering above a gloriously smooth worn leather and smoke blend. After a few minutes you can still pick out several of these notes but the spicy buddha wood begins to edge up next to the rosewood. After this stage, the blend will develop a slightly sweeter profile while still remaining dark and complex. The spicy notes remain throughout the life of the perfume and are dominant, particularly the buddha wood. After it has been on for a while the tonka bean will begin to add a soft creamy caramelic note. Private Eye has incredible staying power. Unisex.

Cocoa absolute may stain lighter colored clothing and skin. When applying perfume, rub perfume in quickly as it is easier to work into skin with less chance of staining.

Private Eye contains spice oils. A slight warming sensation may be present on initial application for individuals with sensitive skin. This should not cause any great discomfort or be a lasting sensation. 


NEW & IMPROVED Vanilla Pipe Tobacco! Much lighter and sweeter blend with tamer tobacco notes. Read full description for changes. If you didn't care for the original VPT, you may enjoy this one! AND, if you're allergic to vanilla absolute like I am, this blend does not contain any! 

Vanilla, Tobacco Absolute, Tonka Bean Absolute & Sweet Clover Absolute


Vanilla Pipe Tobacco has been completely reformulated from its original incarnation while preserving a general similarity and using several of the same notes. It is offered in a rice bran carrier oil in lieu of perfumer's alcohol. This blend contains vanilla fragrance oil, tobacco absolute, tonka bean absolute and sweet clover absolute. It is a much lighter. smoother and sweeter blend with tamer tobacco notes.

On cold sniff and initial application, a sweet, dry tobacco note blooms on top of a beautiful vanilla base. The divine vanilla becomes stronger the longer this perfume is on the skin. The coumarin hay-like note of sweet clover absolute paired with warm tonka bean adds a dimension to this scent that makes it smell exactly like a sack of moist fresh vanilla flavored pipe tobacco. It is truly exquisite and a must try for anyone looking for a realistic and wearable pipe tobacco fragrance (unlit, not smoky).

The longer Vanilla Pipe Tobacco wears on the skin, the sweeter it becomes. VPT has good tenacity but hugs closer to the skin. It is a very pleasing authentic scent that is amazing worn alone or for layering. Unisex.

You may notice small black flecks suspended in this blend.  These are simply small bits of tonka and sweet clover absolutes and nothing to be concerned about.  

The return of:

A Magical Blend of Vanilla, Amber, Cedar, Spices & Cauldron Smoke

This scent has been reformulated from the original version. It is very similar, especially on the dry down, but it is a little smoother and slightly softer. One of the primary oils in this blend was discontinued by a supplier so I have modified it to contain many of the original oils along with a few additional notes.

Conjure is a very soft and magical incensey blend consisting of 16 fragrance and essential oils including several mild non-foody vanillas, golden amber, labdanum absolute and warm cedar with a faint wisp of cauldron smoke, allspice EO, Sandalwood EO and FO, Moroccan Rose EO, guaiacwood, agarwood and several other special supporting notes. It is very sexy, mysterious and intriguing. Unisex.

Perfume, Body Ganache, Burnishing Glace and for the first time: Whipped Soap!


Egyptian Musk, Honey & Frankincense Essential Oil

Most of you already know this but, this oil has been reformulated from the original blend as of 2013. It smells very close to the original, almost identical.

Pharaoh is a fragrance comprised primarily of the long-established, popular and neutral scent of Egyptian Musk spiked with just a few drops of Frankincense Essential Oil and a splash of honey far in the background. It is a beautiful, very soft fragrance that is perfect for wearing when you're looking for something understated and muted but would like to smell clean. It is a truly wonderful unisex fragrance that has a slight tinge of the exotic and is clean, fresh, mild, natural and has just the slightest hint of a floral. The honey is a very mild natural honey and does not contain the almond notes that other honey blends have. A great neutral scent to have in your collection.

Please join us at for the release! 
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