Friday, August 5, 2011



Starting today, Friday, August 5th and running until Sunday at midnight (EST), we will be holding a "Post Your Solstice Scents Stash" contest.

How to enter:

1) Post a photo of your Solstice Scents stash - no matter how big or small it is - to your Twitter, Facebook or Blog. The photo must be posted in one of these formats so we can see it. You may mention the photo is being posted because you're entering the SS Stash contest. You may also make a short video for your YouTube channel if you prefer to enter that way. The photo/video should be specifically of your SS collection. (I know lots of you have massive collections with all kinds of etailers but we really want to see your SS collection and this way you might not have to rent a Hasselblad lens to actually take a photo of your entire collection!)

2) EMAIL us the photo that you used to enter to (include it as an attachment). Also, please include a link to where you posted the picture or video (twitter, facebook, youtube or blog). Entries via e-mail will be counted in the order in which they are received so that we can keep track and then use to select a winner. You must do step 1 in order to qualify though - the email entries will just help us keep track of things more successfully.

That's it! Post to one of the social media sites above and then just email us the picture that you used (as an attachment) and the link to where you posted the picture.

The Prize:

The winner will receive a bottle of one of our fall fragrances, Manor, weeks before the release date! The contest ends Sunday so the winner will be selected on Monday morning and the package will also go out on Monday!

Manor is one of my favorite's from the collection. It is a blend of a woody-vanilla musk, a delicious vanilla accord, glorious black agarwood and exquisite aloeswood. The scent is sweet, woody and incensey. The black agarwood is literally to die for. It is very sophisticated and absolutely intoxicating! On initial application and coldsniff, the agar and aloeswood are a little stronger than they are on the drydown. Manor settles down wonderfully. After hours on the skin it does smell much sweeter, though the woody/incense element is still detectable. The vanilla accord really begins to amp after a few hours. If you like Old Cedar Magus, you should also enjoy Manor! They share no common notes (all notes in Manor are new to the shop and have not been used in any of our other blends) but the vanilla and wood aspect is there so it is in a very similar vein.

The notes in this blend are precious and quite expensive so Manor will be retailing for $15.

The winner will also receive a $10 gift certificate to be used toward anything at the shop! Manor will ship independently and the gift certificate will be sent via email.

We look forward to your entries and GOOD LUCK!!

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