Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Items, Restocks and SALES for 4/14

NEW ITEMS will be available at tomorrow 4/14. The time will be announced on our facebook page. If you are not a follower of the Facebook Page, click the "Facebook" link on the left column below product category index at From here you may view updates from us directly on our site. This page can be viewed by clicking this link as well.

The new items include perfumes in Basilica, Patchouli Sweet Wood (formerly known as Spellbound Patchouli), Patchouli (100% pure essential oil blend) and Ghost Fragrance-Free Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Bath.

RESTOCKS of Blood Bathory Dead Sea Salt Oatmeal Milk Bath and Inquisitor Perfume will also be available!

SALE ~ The Valentine's Day Collection will be coming down tomorrow as well. Violet Truffle and Cherry Vanilla Amberosia perfumes are going General Catalog! All remaining German Chocolate Cake items (perfume, Glace and Body Ganache) will be on Sale in the Sale section. Limited quantities available.


PATCHOULI SWEET WOOD PERFUME - A blend of earthy patchouli essential oils from Indonesia paired with vanilla sweetened sandalwood, amber and just a few drops of Vetiver essential oil. It is a very smooth, creamy and well rounded patchouli based fragrance with a mouth watering sweet element that elevates it from being dark, heavy or dank. Those who like the scent of patchouli as well as perfumes in Conjure, Spellbound Woods and/or Old Cedar Magus will enjoy Patchouli Sweet Wood. Unisex.

BASILICA - The scent of grand and humbling mosaics, haunting pipe organ notes, polished pews, smoldering resins and reverence. Smokey galbanum essential oil dissipates quickly after initial application leading into a rich dose of sweet, sticky labdanum resin. Crystals of frankincense illuminated in eerie multicolored light streaming through vintage stained glass windows emerges from the labdanum followed by exquisite polished rosewood and a combination of dark myrrh, soft exotic woods, a waft of heavenly vanilla absolute and fragrant ashes. A juxtaposition of dark resins and light golden balsamic and sweet vanilla notes, a metaphorical interpretation of a timeless inspiration.

Basilica is comprised of a rich labdanum absolute which smells of sweet, balsamic golden amber (a new amber to the shop), pure vanilla absolute, essential oils of frankincense, bright rosewood, myrrh, peru balsam, cistus, sandalwood, a few drops of galbanum and Virginia cedarwood and fragrance. Unisex.

PATCHOULI PERFUME - A blend of 100% pure Patchouli Essential Oils Earthy, musky, woody and slightly spicy patchouli essential oil really needs no introduction. This fragrance has long been a staple in cosmetics, soaps and perfumes. This perfume is comprised of a blend of Indonesian patchouli essential oils with no synthetic fragrances added. The scent starts out very strong and mellows out to a dark and musky scent as it mingles with your skin chemistry. It develops a sweet note the longer it is on the skin. Patchouli can stand alone as a single-note perfume or may be used as a layering note for other oils in your collection. Blends well with a variety of scents from woody to spicy to floral and can deepen and take the edge off of sweeter smelling fragrances. Try layering with Conjure, Old Cedar Magus, Sandalwood Vanilla, Amber, Amber Rose Petals or Shoikan Grove.

Botanical Name: Pogostemon patchouli
Country Of Origin: Indonesia

Aside from perfumery, patchouli oil has also been used in preparations for acne, athlete's foot, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, fungal infections, insect repellent, oily hair and skin, sores, wounds and wrinkles.

In aromatherapy it is indicated for stress-relief. Grounding and balancing.

Associated with - Money (attractant), Fertility and Lust.

GHOST DEAD SEA SALT OATMEAL MILK BATH 8 oz. - Fragrance-Free The Ghost soak is an all natural and fragrance-free soak developed for those with sensitive or irritated skin, allergies or anyone who wishes to indulge in a mineral rich, skin soothing, detoxifying and relaxing bath. You may also add a small amount of Burnishing Glace Bath and Body Oil for a moisturizing and custom scented experience while still enjoying the benefits of muscle soothing and detoxifying salts, calming oatmeal, softening coconut and tapioca starch and water softening baking soda.

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