Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Autumn Offering - Scent List for Fall

Despite the near 100 degree weather we've been sustaining here in Florida, I could not be more ready for fall. I know many of you across the country have been echoing these sentiments and are completely ready to usher in not only the cooler weather, turning trees, fire in the hearth and seasonal baked goods but also the flurry of Autumn fragrances that become available! Fall fragrances allow you to envelop yourself in the seasonal experience.

This season, Solstice Scents will be offering for your enjoyment the following fragrances in a variety of products. Products these scents will be FOR SURE available in are indicated (this means a given scent may become available in another product, such as glace, not listed yet):

HARVEST MOON: Carried year-round as a perfume only, this popular fragrance of Apples, Pumpkin, Butternut Squash, Roasted Chestnuts and Spices will be once again offered in bar soap, Burnishing Glace and Ganache Cream.

FRIGHT NIGHT: Offered last year for Halloween as a Bar Soap, this fragrance will be available in a Perfume. This scent is a cavity inducing blend of sugared Halloween sweets, smelling similar to a Halloween candy pail. Sweet candy corn, chocolate candy wrappers, melty gooey marshmallows, sticky caramels, black jelly beans and more. This scent starts off with a burst of black licorice that mellows quickly. Dry down is a soft blend of various candies, worn close to the skin but long lasting.

PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE: When I was in college, I worked for several years at an Independent local coffee shop. One cold fall morning I created the Pumpkin Spice Latte, which ended up being a best-seller and highly anticipated drink each year. This caffeinated concoction started with fresh roasted pumpkin spice coffee ground and brewed as an espresso. Monin Gingerbread syrup, frothy steamed milk and fresh made gingerbread whipped cream dusted with cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg completed it.

The perfume is a blend of coffee essential and fragrance oils, sweet pumpkin, gingerbread whipped cream, cinnamon and a drop of nutmeg essential oil. Upon application, coffee is the first note to emerge, immediately followed by a spicy cinnamon. After just a few minutes a sweet syrupy scent emerges. The true dry down scent rises after about 15 - 20 minutes on the skin at which point the spice mellows, the coffee, pumpkin and cream all perfectly swim together in a pleasingly balanced brew. Available as a perfume and possibly Ganache. Due to the high cost of Coffee Essential Oil, this blend will not be offered in my generously scented Glace product.

LACE DRAPED SPECTRE: A hauntingly feminine blend of Madagascar Vanilla, Baby's Breath, Pink Carnation and a hint of Green Pepper Essential Oil. The scent of an elegantly perfumed ivory lace shroud adorning the fleeting image of a mysterious visitor. Soft vanilla accentuated with a hint of spice and creamy floral. Available in Perfume, Burnishing Glace, Whipped Soap and Ganache.

SHOIKAN GROVE: The eerily dark and maddeningly still wood that protects the Black Wizard's tower from unwanted visitors. Wandering in the cold, damp copse of trees will cause an adventurer to lose control of his sanity, while the remains of those who've ventured before emerge from the Earth, encircle his limbs with unwavering strength and drag him down to where he will never tread anywhere again, in life. Dark woods, a warning distant fire on the winds, fresh evergreens and a soft deceptive sweetness.

Available in perfume only. This blend is comprised primarily of essential oils. Primary notes of Virginia Cedarwood, Spruce, Siberian Fir, Oak and Vanilla with background notes of Muhuhu EO (very woodsy), Jamarosa Root EO, Sandalwood EO, 2 different Frankincense EOs, Wood Smoke, Copaiba and Peru Balsam. More of a masculine blend but also wonderful for Women who appreciate complex woody-smoky-fir scents. The Peru Balsam, Copaiba and Vanilla add a creaminess to smooth out the sharp Spruce and Fir notes.

CARAMEL APPLE: A blend of sticky, messy, sweet and golden caramel drenches a fresh, juicy red apple. Predominant note of caramel tempered with red apple and a hint of green apple. Offered in Whipped Soap, Perfume, Burnishing Glace and Ganache.

BARTLETT PEAR & BROWN SUGAR: This scent will be available again in bar soap and Ganache. Strong burst of fresh pear tempered by a very subtle background of brown sugar and just a few drops of Cardamom Essential Oil. The scent is primarily that of Pear, however; the other notes assist in smoothing, rounding out and enriching the fragrance.

CANDIED YAMS & MARSHMALLOW, CONJURE and MONSTER MASH will all be available in bar soap again this year!

TURBINADO SCRUBS will be available in a few of these scents when we start having cooler weather. WARLOCK (Anise Essential Oil, carried year-round as a soap) will be offered as a DEAD SEA SALT, OATMEAL MILK BATH.

I will also be offering a limited amount of FALL GIFT SETS including a variety of the "foody" scents above, adorned with fall acorns and mini Putka Pods and a deep orange votive in a Sweet Pumpkin Spice fragrance, freshly crafted for Solstice Scents by Nancy at the White Magick Shoppe.

SAMPLE PACKS of Harvest Moon, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Fright Night, Lace Draped Spectre, Caramel Apple and Shoikan Grove will be offered in the shop as well.

RELEASE DATE for the fall collection will be mid-to late August. Much of it is already complete, but there is still a bit of crafting and photography yet to go. I will post the absolute release date in my shop announcement and on the Solstice Scents Facebook Page.



  1. Oh my god Angela, I cannot wait. I have been in a huge fall mood lately. And a Solstice Scents mood :) Oh man, I'm looking forward to this :) <-----That in real life is a HUGE smile!!!!

  2. Caramel apple sounds sooooo good. I'm glad it will be offered in whipped soap, since I use stuff like that instead of bar soap. Bar soap is pretty, but I hate bar soap in the shower.

  3. Oooooo I just heard of your products and have been jonesing for Fall scents. I'll be saving my pennies to throw some of these items into my basket!

  4. Mmmmmm all your scents sound wonderful. I love all the autum scents you you have soaps too.
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  5. Sounds awesome! When exactly will it be out? :D